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Winning with Implantech!

  One of the best things about being part of Implantech is knowing that our implants can have a decidedly positive impact on people’s lives. They help provide a more desirable look and a corresponding confidence to approach life more … Continue reading

The just-right implant for a more natural, shaplier booty

With summer upon us, who doesn’t want to look good in a swimsuit or a pair of shorts? Certainly, it’s much easier for those who are genetically graced with a shapely behind. They just throw on something form-fitting and off … Continue reading

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Cosmetic Blepharoplasty & Fundamentals of Facelift

Jul 24, 2015 -- Jul 26, 2015

Advanced Techniques Using Facial Implants & Body Contouring Implants

Jul 25, 2015 -- Jul 26, 2015