An attractive face can be a real balancing act

When you look in the mirror, what do you really see? Are the shadows distorting your features, or do you actually look like that? Perhaps you’ve seen a photo of yourself and thought, “The lighting must have been bad – my nose isn’t that big!”

What we’re desperately seeking when we look at ourselves is an attractive face – a balanced, striking look with our facial features in harmony with each other.

Professional makeup artists strive to balance the face with techniques that accentuate desirable features while minimizing others. You may even use some of these methods yourself to optimize your looks. But when the makeup comes off, are you still happy with what you see?

When it comes to being dissatisfied with your looks, the problem could simply be cosmetic such as hairstyle or thick, bushy eyebrows. Or it may be structural but evident like a crooked nose. Sometimes, though, it may not be completely obvious.

For example, you may think your nose is too large and consider having it surgically reduced. However, the problem may actually be an undersized chin or a weak jaw line, both of which can make the nose appear overly prominent. Another problem may be a flat cheekbone area that gives the impression of disproportionate facial features as well as a tired, gaunt appearance.

Our high-quality silicone implants can correct these indications, providing confident features and the volumetric requirements of an attractive face. Check out Implantech’s chin and jaw implants for a stronger profile and forward-facing appearance. And for a more pleasing, youthful cheek area our mid-facial implants provide the perfect solution. Certain styles are also available as Composite™ implants made of ePTFE-coated silicone.

Consult with a qualified surgeon to discuss your options for a well-balanced, attractive face.