Celebrating the 25-year mark!

It’s our celebration, but you get the presents! Right now, you can enjoy big savings on facial implants that continue to lead the industry in quality and innovation. Chin, mandibular, midfacial and nasal implants plus all sizers are currently available at great “party” prices!

But what’s all the celebrating about?

In 1987, we started with a single product. Our “founding facial” was the submalar implant designed by prominent plastic surgeon Dr. William Binder. The Binder Submalar addresses the critical need of replacing soft-tissue loss below the cheekbone of the aging patient. Although a facelift alone takes care of sagging skin and significant wrinkles, it unfortunately serves to accentuate the submalar hollow in older patients with a tight, mask-like appearance. The Binder Submalar implant allows the surgeon to avoid this look by providing the volumetric requirements of a more youthful face.

Within a year, Doctors Edward Terino, Robert Flowers and Harry Mittelman also lent their expertise to the development of other highly successful implants.

The Terino Malar Shell corrects midfacial hypoplasia that can give the patient’s face a tired and sunken appearance, causing other facial features to appear out of balance.

For an undersized chin, the Flowers Mandibular Glove provides anterior chin augmentation while slightly tilting the chin mound vertically upward. The result is a fuller, stronger-looking chin, giving the entire face a more balanced aesthetic appearance.

The Mittelman Pre Jowl-Chin addresses the soft-tissue loss and bone reduction between the chin and jowl that results in a groove, or, pre-jowl sulcus. It not only augments the aging jowl, but provides anterior chin augmentation with a subtle increase in lateral fullness.

Still other surgeons including Doctors Clark O. Taylor and Alvin Glasgold were contributors to initial Implantech designs.

And now, along with a notable custom implant capability, Implantech offers 26 different facial implant styles in a variety of sizes to accommodate a wide variety of aesthetic and reconstructive needs. Our product lines also include body-contouring implants, silicone tubing and sheeting, scar management items and surgical accessories.

So we’re celebrating how we started and how far we’ve come!

For 25 years, we’ve proudly supported plastic surgeons, facilities and institutions with the most trusted, dependable products. We look forward to leading the way for the next 25 years.