Goodbye Allied Biomedical – Hello Implantech!

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You may be familiar with Allied Biomedical and its silicone products like facial and body-contouring implants along with sheeting and tubing.

But you may not know that Allied Biomedical has been a subsidiary of Implantech since 2002. And while we greatly appreciate Allied’s customers and value their patronage, we’ve decided to discontinue Allied’s facial implants and absorb its other lines into Implantech’s offerings.

This will help us combat rising costs for regulatory compliance and create greater customer focus on the benefits of Implantech. As such, we want to ensure our Allied customers experience the most seamless transition possible.

For example, Implantech’s facial implants include designs similar to those of Allied but are more progressive, are of higher quality and are available in over 150 styles and sizes.

Moreover, they’re offered in a wider range of configurations, such as the Conform™ implants with their patented grid backing (readily adapting to bony contours) and Composite™ implants made of silicone encased in ePTFE (enabling greater stabilization).

The Implantech line also features more contemporary facial solutions, like our Vertical Lengthening Chin and Temporal Shell implants. For patient-specific needs, take advantage of Implantech’s 3-D Accuscan® system for the perfect fit.

Other Allied Biomedical products you’ve come to count on are now offered in Implantech’s inventory including:

  • Body-contouring implants for gluteals, pecs and calves
  • Silicone carving blocks
  • Silicone sheeting and tubing


On a final note, you’re automatically enrolled in the Implantech Rewards program. You’ll earn points with every order and bonus points for frequent and volume purchasing. Then, just spend your points like cash for any Implantech product or service. Plus, the more points you earn, the higher your Rewards level and the greater your benefits.

Rest assured you’re not losing a vendor, but rather gaining an industry-leading source for a wide range of surgical needs. Contact us today for more about Implantech, and discover how we can help you best serve your patients.