How to Get Pregnant or 4 Secrets of Predicting Ovulation

How to get pregnant and conceive is probably not a matter of luck. In fact, this is important to understand the whole complex process of ‘how to get pregnant’. Some couples tend to have the results just by talking about it.

But for others, it really takes tons of patience,  effort or even therapy with some meds like Clomid. However, the old-fashioned way has always been predicting ovulation and knowing all do’s & don’ts of maximizing fertility. It can be found in pharmacies, only it is better to find out the price of Valtrex at in the reference pharmacies since it varies considerably. But after the treatment possibility of relapse is low and recovery is much faster.

This time immemorial conception is based on natural things. The point is each month the hormones stimulate the ovaries and they release an egg, which then travels to a single fallopian tube. This is called ovulation and this is high time you conceived. But in order not to hit a moving target, you may:

  • Use any calendar for marking your period’s beginning and lasting. Ovulation mostly occurs in the middle of the general cycle. For instance, if you have it 28-day, your ovulation will start 14 days after the last period began. Having a 34-day cycle, wait for the ovulation in 20 days.
  • Watch for vaginal secretions, as they are clear, increased and slippery at ovulation. After it, the discharge will be sticky, cloudy or disappear at all.
  • Observe the basal body temperature, because ovulation usually causes a little increase in it. Buy a special monitoring thermometer and measure your temperature in the morning. Typically, you will be the most fertile during 2-3 days before it rises.
  • Try the so-called ‘ovulation predictor kit’, which tests your urine for the hormone surge before ovulation. Such a device is capable to identify both the ovulation time and even an actual ovulation signal.