IMPLANTECH REWARDS: Finally… Purchasing that pays off!

More than ever, people want real value for their hard-earned money. Yet all too often, in the interest of stretching our budget, we give up the higher quality and settle for the cheaper price. Granted, sometimes this makes little difference. I mean, most people are fine with, say, generic copy paper and pencils.

But products that get implanted into humans warrant more consideration than cost alone. They have to work, and work well. In the case of silicone facial implants, for example, we manufacture them to rigid specifications to ensure symmetry, predictable volume and tapered edges that prevent palpable margins. While their quality ensures value, some customers opt for cheaper knock-offs, only to return to Implantech after disappointing results.

We believe your decision to choose us warrants a big “Thank You” each and every time you place an order. In a nutshell, the more you purchase witch cash from, the more Rewards points you earn. These points add up fast, and can then be used just like cash to obtain any and all Implantech products including:


Moreover, as your points accumulate, you get increasingly more benefits in Bronze, Silver and finally Gold Rewards levels.

Turn your purchasing into Earning Power with Implantech Rewards!