Is it a trend or just trendy?

I’ve written about it, you see it in the news more and more, it drives conversations in social circles, and a great many people including celebrities embrace it.

It’s facial augmentation. While some methods are more effective than others, one common objective for the aging face is to make up for the loss of soft tissue by restoring volume in strategic areas. Another goal, for young or old, is to augment the jaw or chin area with a silicone implant for a stronger, more pleasing profile.

Lately, the latter goal has seen a lot of interest. The internet is fueling the desire to look better to more people, both socially and professionally. In short, it’s a hot topic. Yet, in many instances, something that enjoys a sudden burst of popularity fades as quickly as it starts.

So, is facial augmentation a trend or just trendy? To me, trendy is what’s fashionable right now, the new black – the craze de jour that will soon become the latest old. A good example of “trendy” was spawned by Twiggy back in the sixties. Sixteen-year-old supermodel Leslie Hornby launched a popular obsession of females desiring ultra-slim, virtually shapeless bodies. Almost overnight, very thin was very in. Not surprisingly though, Hornby – appropriately nicknamed “Twiggy” – was also one of the first people blamed for a widespread increase of eating disorders, primarily anorexia nervosa.

That was a craze that needed to go away fast. On the other hand, facial augmentation with Implantech’s silicone implants has earned its way for over 25 years. While facial fillers may come and go – and virtually all require follow-up injections – silicone implants have a long-standing, positive reputation. For example, prestigious Johns Hopkins University cites their “very long safety track record,” and Medscape states such benefits as “ease of placement…conformable,
nonimmunogenic and noncarcinogenic, resistant to infection, and easily tailored.”

Facial augmentation is a trend that continues to prove itself effective for providing a youthful, attractive look. It’s here to stay, and we’re here to help with over 150 sizes and shapes of silicone and Composite (silicone coated with ePTFE) facial implants. Discuss your augmentation options for a more pleasing appearance with a qualified surgeon.