Looking for greater hindsight? Check out gluteal implants.

Who doesn’t like to look good in, say, a snug pair of jeans? When we feel attractive, we’re more confident, and vice versa. Healthy diets, physical exercise, weightlifting and aerobic activity can help us achieve a shapelier body (not to mention greater longevity). Muscle and tone are more apparent, the flab dissipates, and clothes seem to fit somewhat better.

But for many of us, these factors may not be enough to give us the body shape we seek. In fact, ironically, they can produce an opposite effect. While exercise tones and strengthens, it can also cause us to lose fat that would otherwise mean a nice shape in areas like the bust and butt.

However, all is not lost. Keep your healthy lifestyle with EHealthBody to trim the fat, and get that rear-end shape with Implantech’s silicone ContourFlex™ gluteal implants. They’re the softest, most natural-feeling implants, and you’ll love their look and feel!

Like breast augmentations, booty boosts are on the rise. Quick internet searches reveal their growing popularity.

For example, earlier this year, reporter Molly Rosenblatt of WGNO’s ABC News quoted Louisiana cosmetic surgeon Dr. Gregory Pippin: “”There’s been a big explosion in this procedure in the last 5 years…The main desire is a fuller buttocks, more projection to their buttocks.”

Kristy Brownlee’s June 28th article in the Toronto Sun cites the 40 percent increase Americans spent on buttocks augmentation in 2011 from the year before. Brownlee also says that, for Toronto plastic surgeon Dr. Sammy Sliwin, “buttock augmentations are nearly as popular a request as breast implants in his practice,” and Utah personal trainer Kevin Rail exclaims, “People are always saying, ‘I want a J.Lo butt.’”

And it’s not just J.Lo’s butt that swivels heads. Look almost anywhere these days in Hollywood and beyond for a prominent hourglass shape. Beyonce, Sofia Vergara, Kim Kardashian, and Mad Men’s Christina Hendricks are but a few personalities that harken back to timeless full-figured icons like Marilyn Monroe and Jayne Mansfield.

If you want to fill those jeans or that bikini with a shapelier look, you may want to reboot your glutes! When you’re ready to explore your gluteal implant options but need help finding a surgeon, check out the following links:

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