ContourFlex™ Gluteal Implant – Round   (Natural Contour) View full size

ContourFlex™ Gluteal Implant – Round (Natural Contour)

Designed by M. Mark Mofid, MD., the Natural Contour shape provides permanent volume with a profile that’s gentler on tissues and easier to use.  ContourFlex™ Gluteal implants are the softest, most natural-feeling silicone gluteal implants available.  The flexibility and softness means they can be easily rolled, allowing smaller incisions, and the tapered, smooth edges result in a more natural fit.

Cat.No. A B C Volume
CCB5-NC-1 13.0 13.0 2.8 230cc
CCB5-NC-2 13.5 13.5 3.2 275cc
CCB5-NC-3 14.0 14.0 3.6 330cc
Dimensions in Centimeters

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