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3-D Accuscan® from Implantech


3-D Accuscan from Implantech results in an exact, custom-made facial prosthesis.This powerful technology faithfully reproduces a precise, three-dimensional skeletal model from the patient CT scan, including the bony defect requiring reconstruction.


We then create a rubber-like moulage to correct the patient defect, and send it to you along with the skull model (which is an excellent consultation tool) for alteration and/or approval.


The final silicone implant we manufacture from this moulage is thus a perfect fit.With no guesswork.


With 3-D Accuscan, you now have the ability to quickly and easily reconstruct most hard and soft tissue deficiencies. Simply supply us with the appropriate CT scans, and we return a virtually perfect implant. We can also modify various dimensions to compensate for any overlaying soft tissue changes.


3-D Accuscan frees you from tedious trial and error, produces the most aesthetically pleasing implant, and meets your most difficult needs. You discover 3-D Accuscan is today most effective tool for correcting facial defects.


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