No ‘Mobilegeddon’ for us – we’re mobile friendly!


Businesses often have to juggle a lot of balls, keeping an eye on each and every one of them. Quality, pricing, products, exposure—these are just some of the things that merit attention.

Now we can add to the list Mobilegeddon, a possible consequence uniquely fueled by Google. For many businesses, Mobilegeddon can spell its share of trouble.

And there’s only one sure way to escape its menacing path: be mobile friendly, which Google says we are!

That means Implantech’s website is easy to view and navigate on mobile devices, making for a more pleasant online experience.

But what exactly IS mobilegeddon?

Google is used for 65% of the world’s online searches, so any changes it makes can have a far-reaching impact. On April 21st, 2015, Google implemented its latest methodology for ranking the results of searches conducted on mobile devices like smartphones.

The new search algorithm looks at how well a website can be viewed and navigated on small screens. If a website passes muster as “mobile friendly,” it is tagged as such (like us in the above photo) and moved up in the search rankings. If not, it is penalized with no tag and moved downward.

Plus, given that more than half of online traffic now comes from mobile devices, being mobile-friendly is more vital than ever for businesses.

So, the “mobilegeddon” aspect was a prediction of devastation for businesses whose websites were not mobile friendly, meaning that lower rankings in search results would translate into less exposure and thus into lost revenue.

The effects of Google’s changes are likely just beginning and could be bad news for as many as 40% of the top websites. But as always, Implantech stays ahead of the curve when it comes to serving our customers.

We’ve always been friendly…and now we’re mobile friendly, too!