Practice Enhancement – The Masters Educational Series

As I’ve indicated in previous posts, I’m the first to admit that facial injectables have their place, such as smoothing and filling in wrinkles and lines..

But when it comes to adding a predictable and permanent amount of volume, nothing beats silicone facial implants.

Implantech’s implants are soft and supple with no palpable margins. They mimic natural fat and tissue, stay symmetric, never resorb like injectables or autologous fat, and can be trimmed as necessary and removed if warranted.

Each implant has been designed by a leading surgeon to meet a specific facial need. For example, we recently added implants that lengthen chins, correct temporal hollowing and open the nasal columello-labial angle.

So – what does all this mean to you?

It means that facial implants can add a whole new dimension to your surgical practice, with augmentation options unavailable through injectables alone. Accordingly, the Masters Educational Series was developed to help you benefit from facial implants.

An expert faculty guides you through the ins and outs of facial augmentation in a one-day workshop. Held in a state-of-the-art cadaver lab in Las Vegas, your hands-on instruction includes advanced techniques for:

  • Chin and jaw-line enhancement
  • Custom facial implants
  • Midfacial and temporal augmentation
  • Premaxillary augmentation
  • Paranasal and nasal implants

Whether you’re a facial-implant novice or a seasoned pro, the Masters Educational Series is sure to give your surgical repertoire a boost. Check out the Events section of Implantech’s website for the next “Advanced Techniques Using Facial Implants” course, or go to for more information.