Implantech Rewards

Finally… Purchasing that pays off!

Welcome to Implantech Rewards, the FREE and AUTOMATIC program that turns your purchasing into earning power! We created Implantech Rewards because loyalty goes a long way with us. And we want you to know it with every Implantech order.


Through Implantech Rewards, you receive Rewards points for your purchasing. There is NO LIMIT to the number of points you can get. In fact, the more points you accumulate, the more benefits you get.

If you’re an Implantech customer, you’re already enrolled. And the best part is you already have Rewards Points equal to the amount of dollars you spent with us during the previous year!*

If you’re a new Implantech customer, you’re automatically enrolled with your first order. You get your purchase points plus an additional 100 points as a WELCOME bonus!

SPEND YOUR POINTS LIKE CASH for any and all Implantech products (see Spending Specifics below). You can earn Rewards points in a variety of ways:

With Each Purchase

For every dollar you spend on a product (excluding tax or shipping), you’ll receive one Implantech Rewards point. Spend $50, get 50 points – spend $1,000, get 1,000 points.

With Volume Purchasing

Order at least the minimum quantity each month to receive an extra 10% of points. The quantity can consist of any combination of products, with the minimum based on your Rewards level:

BASIC 2 or more items in one month
BRONZE 2 or more items in one month
SILVER 4 or more items in one month
GOLD 7 or more items in one month

For example, if you are in the BRONZE Rewards level and you purchase two items totaling $450 in one month, you receive 450 points for the purchase PLUS an extra 10% (45 points) for volume purchasing. There is no limit to the 10% bonus!

*Implantech Rewards available for United States customers only.

With Frequency Purchasing

Simply purchase at least $200 of Implantech products in each of two consecutive months, and you’ll receive your purchase points PLUS an extra 50 points. Keep it up, and you’ll get the 50 points month after month!

With Internet Specials

Internet specials can double or even triple points for featured items. The higher the benefit level you achieve, the more internet specials we offer!

With Live Events

Just by stopping by Implantech’s booth at meetings and other events, you’ll get 100 points!

With Random Drawings

At various times, Implantech will hold random drawings to award points to one customer or to a group of customers!

As you can see, your Rewards points can add up pretty quickly. Just by purchasing items you need for your practice or organization, you can spend points instead of money!


  • Implantech Rewards points can be used to purchase all Implantech products.
  • Purchase price using points is 20 times the dollar price. Example: If the price of a product is $100, the purchase price is 20 x 100 = 2,000 points.
  • Points cannot be used for sales tax or shipping costs.
  • An item cannot be purchased with a combination of points and dollars. However, in the same order shipment, you may combine items purchased with points and items purchased otherwise.
  • Returned Products: Points will be reimbursed for products purchased with points. Points will be deducted for products purchased otherwise.


There’s something to be said for “loyalty” – and we’re saying it big and loud with Implantech Rewards!
So in addition to being able to purchase with your Rewards points, you’ll also get benefits based on
your Rewards level.

Your Rewards level depends on how many points you receive in a calendar year:

BASIC Less than 1,500 Rewards points
BRONZE 1,500 to 3,999 Rewards points
SILVER 4,000 to 8,999 Rewards points
GOLD 9,000 Rewards points or more

With all the ways to earn Rewards points, it won’t take you long to move up to the next level. Once
you achieve a level, it’s yours for the next calendar year. However, you can always move up depending
on your calendar year purchasing.

SHIPPING FREE Ground Shipping
PRODUCT EXCHANGE Up to 1 year Up to 2 years
SIZERS 50% Discount for each first style order FREE with each first style order
RESOURCE GUIDE Limited FULL FULL Updated by rep
MES DISCOUNT* 10% 25% 50%
PRODUCT RETURNS Current Policy Current Policy Up to 60 days full credit Up to 90 days
full credit

* Masters Educational Series (MES) are courses that provide advanced implant education. ** A non-point purchase is one made without using Rewards points

For example, if you earned 5,000 Rewards points by the end of 2014, you’ll be in at least the SILVER level for 2015. You won’t move down in 2015 to BRONZE or BASIC regardless of purchasing. However, if you earn at least 9,000 points in 2015, you’ll move up to GOLD.

Your Rewards points will add up fast just by ordering Implantech products you need in the course of your business, including:

  • Silicone facial implants
  • ePTFE facial implants
  • ePTFE sheeting
  • Custom implants
  • Body-contouring implants
  • Silicone carving blocks
  • Compression wraps
  • Silicone tubing
    and sheeting
  • Scar management products
  • Moulage kits
  • Smoke aspiration tips
  • Periosteal elevators

Then, just spend your points like cash! With Implantech Rewards, there really is no reason to operate with anyone else!

Turn your purchasing into Earning Power with Implantech Rewards!