Terrific for tummy tucks – the Gelzone® Wrap!

If you’re looking to have a tummy tuck or “abdominoplasty,” you’re not alone. In 2011, about 116,000 people in the United States had this procedure, translating into a whopping 85 percent increase from the year 2000.

Many see the tummy tuck as a quick route to a more sculpted body. Others choose it for reasons such as being non-responsive to exercise, sagging tissue and skin after weight loss, or weakened abdominal muscles due to pregnancy.

So, what exactly is a tummy tuck?

It’s a surgery that removes excess skin and fat from the abdominal area while tightening the muscles and tissue, or fascia. As Dr. Drew Ordon explains, a hip-to-hip incision is made along the bikini line and a flap is created to expose the underlying abdominal region. This enables the surgeon to make the muscles and tissue more taut with sutures, remove fat and finally trim excess skin. And don’t worry – the belly button is repositioned to look normal.

Compression healing

After surgery, a dressing is applied and very often a compression garment is required during healing. Compression provides significant benefits to the patient including:

  • Supporting the abdominal area to limit its movement, thus minimizing bruising and swelling
  • Improving blood circulation and helping the body eliminate adverse fluids (like anesthesia)
  • Promoting faster healing (which reduces scarring)
  • Enabling the skin to familiarize itself with the new body shape


After the incisions have completely healed, the Gelzone® Wrap is ideal for follow-up or secondary compression. Replacing the primary garment, Gelzone is easy to put on (and remove), and it allows immediate adjustment for effective yet comfortable wear. Just wrap to desired tension and secure with Velcro tabs!

The Gelzone Wrap is stretchable, with a soft, comfortable fabric on the front side. The back is pure silicone, enabling it to stay exactly where it’s put and maintain the preferred level of compression. Importantly, Gelzone’s silicone helps the surgical scar to fade.

Consult with a qualified surgeon for expectations, options and questions. And if you choose a tummy tuck, get the Gelzone Wrap for optimal post-healing wear!