The just-right implant for a more natural, shaplier booty

With summer upon us, who doesn’t want to look good in a swimsuit or a pair of shorts? Certainly, it’s much easier for those who are genetically graced with a shapely behind. They just throw on something form-fitting and off they go with a breezy confidence

But for many individuals not so blessed, snug clothing simply underscores a lack of backside projection. And because of that, they may also have a less than robust sense of self-assurance about their figure.

What to do?!

Gluteal implants can add notable volume to the booty. However, while some people want to end up with a prominent J-Lo butt, others desire a more subtle projection. A fuller look, yes, but not overly so.

Fortunately, Implantech offers a way to achieve just that. The newest addition to our ContourFlex™ line, the Natural Contour gluteal implant has a lower profile than a standard round or teardrop-shaped implant.

That means just the right shape, volume and projection for the look of a naturally well-developed butt. Plus, the Natural Contour is soft and supple with smooth, tapered edges, ensuring not only optimal comfort and a seamless fit but the feel of real muscle and tissue.

Lastly, because of the Natural Contour’s tapered design, it’s gentler on surrounding tissues. And you’ll be happy to know it’s easily rolled for insertion into a smaller incision.

If you’re looking to get behind a new booty and greater self-confidence, take the plunge and discuss your options with a qualified surgeon. Natural Contour implants may be just right for you!

The Natural Contour implant was designed by M. Mark Mofid, MD, FACS.