Volumizing with silicone facial implants – The right tool for the right job!

I would guess that, at one time or another, everyone’s tried to use a tool that wasn’t quite meant for the job at hand. For example, I’ve cracked open a walnut with a hammer and used a flat screwdriver on a Phillip’s head screw.

On some level, these things worked “okay.” I did open the shell but some of the nut was crushed into powder. I managed to seat the screw at the expense of stripping the head (good luck getting it back out). And certainly, we can all recall mixed results using a butter knife for “off-label” purposes.

Why do we do such things? In my opinion, convenience and the desire to “get it done now” drive our decisions. We may have the right tool way over in the garage somewhere, but this thing in the kitchen junk drawer will work “okay.” Or maybe we don’t have the right tool at all and getting close is good enough, like using black thread instead of going out and buying brown.

When it comes to enhancing facial volume for a more youthful look, many doctors reach for the convenient injectable. Nonetheless, for optimal results, Implantech’s silicone implants fall into the category of “the right tool:”

  • They’re made of biocompatible, implantable-grade silicone which feels more like bone and tissue than injected materials
  • They don’t resorb, eliminating volumetric guesswork for facial symmetry
  • They’re designed by prominent surgeons and computer-manufactured to the most exacting standards in the industry
  • They feature finely tapered edges to eliminate palpable margins
  • Our patented Conform™ backing readily adapts to bony contours
  • They come in different sizes and can be trimmed during the procedure for a more customized fit
  • They’re permanent and yet can easily be explanted should the need arise
  • The patient needn’t undergo multiple sessions required for most injectables


I’m the first to admit that, by themselves, facial implants are not the right tool for eliminating superficial wrinkles. Injectables or facelifts in conjunction with implants are likely the solutions of choice.

Conversely, however, injectables are not the right tool for creating a predictable bony foundation or achieving the permanent volume needed for a more natural, youthful facial appearance.  So get a real nutcracker for the best outcome – choose our facial implants for the most aesthetic, long-lasting youthful appearance!