Winning with Implantech!



One of the best things about being part of Implantech is knowing that our implants can have a decidedly positive impact on people’s lives.

They help provide a more desirable look and a corresponding confidence to approach life more boldly.

And while our products are used to correct inherent conditions like a weak chin and flat cheeks or to reconstruct areas affected by trauma, they’re also used for purely cosmetic reasons. Quite often and effectively, both here and abroad!

Just ask Qi Luo and Luping Shuai

In October 2014, the FaceTeen™ Model beauty contest in China involved over 15 large plastic surgery clinics submitting their “best” before-and-after photos.

After more than 40,000 votes were tallied from all over China, two winners emerged – each with an Implantech nasal implant.

Ballot favorites Qi Luo and Luping Shuai won a trip to California, accompanied by sponsors from their plastic surgery centers and Mr. SJ Zhou of our Chinese distributor, Shanghai Cosmo Medical Products.

Their travel itinerary included “must-see” locations: Disneyland, Hollywood, Magic Mountain, Universal Studios, and of course, Implantech as their first stop! We were delighted to welcome these two young ladies, who are as graceful and gracious as they are beautiful.

Teaming Implantech product quality with talented plastic surgeons was obviously a winning combination to tens of thousands of voters.

Fortunately, you don’t have to go to China to give your patients the Implantech edge. We’re just a click or call away with a full line of facial implants, along with body-contouring implants and complete custom capabilities.

So cast your vote for the leader, and choose Implantech for superior aesthetic outcomes.