About Us

We stand above the competition by providing exceptional customer service and quality products which have been innovatively engineered for the aesthetic surgery market.

For over two decades, Implantech has served the aesthetic surgery market with its core product line of facial implants. Designed by leading surgeons, our silicone implants enable permanent yet reversible solutions for a more youthful, attractive appearance. We are the only facial implant manufacturer that uses state-of-the-art computer technology for the design, moldmaking and production phases. This accurate process translates into the highest quality implants, ensuring consistent symmetry, predictable volume and tapered edges to eliminate palpable margins.

Innovations include our patented Conform™ grid-backed implants for readily adapting to bony contours, and ePTFE-coated Composite™ Facial Implants that permit tissue attachment for greater stabilization. And with over 25 different designs in over 150 sizes, Implantech most likely has what your patient needs. However, we also provide patient-specific implants either faithfully recreated from your moulage or precisely generated from your patient’s CT scans.

Yet, Implantech is more than the industry leader in facial implants…

We also offer pre-formed and custom body-contouring implants for gluteal, pectoral, calf and other areas; genuine Cimeosil® scar management gels and gel sheeting; and compression healing Gelzone® wraps backed with silicone for ultra-secure placement and scar management.

We proudly maintain FDA, ISO 13485:2003 and CE certifications — assuring you that each and every one of our implants is manufactured to the highest quality standards.