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The Complete Implantech Catalog

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Implantech Digital Catalog

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Product Information Sheets

Download PDFs on select Implantech products, including ConformTM Facial Implants, the Gelzone Wrap, silicone carving blocks and more.

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Professional Article References

To help you stay up to date on the latest studies and news related to facial implant surgery, our team has compiled a list of references to industry journal and book articles.

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Instructional Videos

This page is the place to go for step-by-step videos of surgical techniques for various facial and body-contouring implants.

Access step-by-step videos of surgical techniques for various facial and body-contouring implants.

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Instructional Courses — Facial and Body

In a state-of-the-art cadaver lab, leading experts guide you in the latest techniques for achieving pleasing effects with facial and body-contouring implants. Sign up for future notifications!

Surgical Tips & Techniques

Download insightful surgical technique guides and useful tips written by the doctors who designed the implants.

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To help ensure you have access to necessary implant-related information, we have compiled a list of useful references that offers information and help on a wide array of topics.