About Us

Designed by prominent surgeons, Implantech’s facial implants provide the youthful, cosmetic and reconstructive solutions desired by your patients. Count on our comprehensive line for industry-leading innovation and effective, pleasing outcomes.

To enhance body areas, accept nothing less than our solid-silicone ContourFlex™ and PowerFlex™ products. Soft and supple, Implantech’s gluteal, pectoral and calf implants provide shaped volume and smoothed edges for the most natural look and feel. Our expanded lineup now includes even more styles, along with textured options for all three body-contouring areas and super-soft gluteal and pectoral selections.

If no stock product is appropriate, tap into our patient-specific resources. We faithfully reproduce silicone implants either from CT scans with our 3D Accuscan® service or from a mold you make with one of our Moulage Kits. Or, carve your own from silicone blocks of different sizes, shapes and durometers.

For scar management, our Cimeosil® products are specifically formulated for the topical management of keloids and hypertrophic scars. Our Cimeosil Scar and Laser Gel also helps with any scarring or redness associated with laser surgery, dermabrasion and chemical peels. Made of stretchable, fabric-covered silicone gel, our Gelzone® Wraps combine compression healing, musculoskeletal support and scar management.

You can also depend on Implantech for sheeting and tubing. We offer sterile ePTFE and silicone sheeting for short term or long term applications and non-sterile, Implant Grade and Health Care Grade silicone tubing.

Get the service, quality, innovation and choices you and your patients deserve. Welcome to Implantech!