Implantech ‘Masters Educational Series’ Lab Dates for 2018

                      We are excited to announce that we have three dates finalized for our Masters Educational Series Labs for 2018. To find out more information and access registration forms for … Continue reading

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Implantech Has Acquired Spectrum Designs Medical… and our customers get the benefits!

  As of August 1st, we officially acquired the assets of Spectrum Designs Medical, an established provider of facial and body-contouring implants. This lets us do several things, like meet the rising demand for textured gluteal and pectoral implants made … Continue reading

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A Brand New Angle for Superior Jaw Enhancement – The Vertical Mandibular Angle Implant

While we’re the first to say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, we also readily admit that some people are universally described as attractive. And typically, one of the main things these individuals have in common is … Continue reading

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