Facial Implants

Silicone and ePTFE chin, mandibular, midfacial, temporal and nasal implants.

Body Contouring Implants

Silicone gluteal, pectoral, calf implants and contoured carving blocks.

Patient-Specific Resources

Create a silicone implant specific to the patient’s needs.

Silicone Carving Blocks

Rectangular silicone carving blocks, carvable into individual implant shapes.

AlliedSil™ Silicone Tubing

Implant Grade and Health Care Grade

AlliedSil™ Silicone Sheeting

Reinforced or non-reinforced. Long term or short term implantable.

Scar Management

Cimeosil® Scar and Laser Gel, Cimeosil® Gel Sheeting and Gelzone® Wraps to improve the appearance of scars.

Surgical Accessories

Periosteal elevators and smoke aspiration tips.

Orthopaedic Products

WeL® Anti-Clog Suction Tubes, Gelzone® Shoulder Sleeve and Gelzone® Wraps.