Doctors Speak Out – Implantech Gets the Nod!

whatsDOCTORS SPEAK OUT – Implantech gets the nod!

Most companies generally engage in some sort of marketing to promote their wares or services. For example, we always want doctors to know about each new Implantech innovation and how our products can help meet their patients’ challenges.

So sure, we toot our own horn. But the best marketing we get is the great press our customers give on their own.

With just a casual look around the internet, I found some wonderful comments from surgeons preferring the Implantech brand.

Check These Out!

For instance, on his Westport Facial Plastic Surgery website, Dr. Howard A. Stupak states, “Currently, I prefer the Conform Implant from Implantech…It tapers off naturally in both directions, blending smoothly with the jawline.”

At Primera Plastic Surgery, Dr. Edward J. Gross notes his exclusive use of Implantech chin and cheek implants. In an article on the Surgical Aesthetics website, Dr. Babak Azizzadeh says, “I like silicone, but I like a specific type, called Conform (Implantech)…It’s very pliable, so it doesn’t cause the type of erosion you see with other silicone implants.”

On RealSelf, Dr. William A. Portuese tells an individual seeking chin augmentation, “We use Implantech brand of implants, and the style that we use is Mittelman Pre-Jowl Chin implant.” Speaking of chins, Dr. Tanveer A. Janjua writes in his Janjua Facial Surgery website, “I prefer to use silicone implants made by Implantech.”

And down under, in Australia’s Cosmetic Surgery & Beauty magazine, Dr. Howard De Torres tells readers of calf augmentation, “Once Implantech implants are in, patients can generally forget about them; they typically last 20 to 30 years with no complications.”

Heady Stuff!

It’s most gratifying to hear such solid brand loyalty from our valued customers. More than anything else, it lets us know our implant designs and rigorous attention to quality make a real difference.

Thank you, doctors, for such high praise! We will continue doing our very best to  earn it.