ContourFlex™ Calf – Carlsen Style (Smooth or Textured)

The Carlsen Style Calf implants are a selection designed by Dr. Lloyd Carlsen, for augmentation of larger calf muscles. Manufactured in soft (slightly firmer than the durometer used in gluteal and pectoral implants) solid silicone durometer and most sizes are available in a smooth (S) or textured (T) surface. Specify Catalog No. for “Left (L)” or “Right (R).” Single-packed (not in pairs).

Cat. No. A B C Volume
CCB7-S-C1L or CCB7-T-C1L 18.0 7.5 1.2 135cc
CCB7-S-C1R or CCB7-T-C1R 18.0 7.5 1.2 135cc
CCB7-S-C2L or CCB7-T-C2L 21.5 8.5 1.6 235cc
CCB7-S-C2R or CCB7-T-C2R 21.5 8.5 1.6 235cc
CCB7-S-C3L 25.0 10.5 2.0 335cc
CCB7-S-C3R 25.0 10.5 2.0 335cc
S = Smooth Surface
T = Textured Surface
Dimensions in Centimeters