ePTFE-Coated Binder Submalar® II

Designed to fit into the submalar space to provide lower midfacial fullness for patients with prominent cheekbones and sunken cheeks.  Elevates and repositions the overlying midfacial soft tissue while softening the nasolabial fold. Sold in pairs.

Cat. No. Size A B C
ePTFE-BSMII-S Small 3.95 2.14 0.40
ePTFE-BSMII-M Medium 4.38 2.26 0.45
ePTFE-BSMII-L Large 4.88 2.54 0.46
ePTFE-BSMII-XL X-Large 5.22 2.77 0.54
Dimensions in Centimeters