PowerFlex™ Pectoral – Novack Style 2 (Smooth or Textured)

These Novack Style 2 pectoral implants are designed to be vertically placed, which will produce more medial and upper chest wall fullness to produce a square cut definition. Manufactured in extra-soft solid silicone durometer and available in a smooth (S) or textured (T) surface. Single-packed (not in pairs).

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Cat. No. A B C D Volume
BNPI2-S-1L or BNPI2-T-1L 15.2 12.4 2.2 11.5 345cc
BNPI2-S-1R or BNPI2-T-1R 15.2 12.4 2.2 11.5 345cc
S = Smooth Surface
T = Textured Surface
Dimensions in Centimeters