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Giving you even more aesthetic choices

At Implantech, we’re keenly aware of differing surgical preferences and patient desires. So rather than painting everything with the same broad brush, we offer an array of styles and sizes in various configurations and materials.

We’ve led the market with our flagship line of silicone facial implants, providing a wide variety of solutions for aesthetically pleasing outcomes.

Along the way, we added our patented Conform™ silicone facial implants with a grid-like pattern that readily adapts to underlying bone and tissue. Then came our Composite™ facial implants – made with a silicone core and covered in a thin layer of expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE) that allows limited soft-tissue attachment. 

Introducing solid ePTFE implants!

Implantech is proud to roll out our latest line for cosmetic and reconstructive needs. Comprised of solid ePTFE, our implants feature a microporous nature that permits tissue in-growth. This can result in a more stable, predictable outcome.

Moreover, ePTFE is a supple, proven biomaterial that promotes a natural look and feel for your patients.

Trimmable and packaged sterile, Implantech’s solid ePTFE implants are designed for various parts of the face including:

– Midface

– Chin

– Forehead

– Premaxillary

– Nasal

– Paranasal

Check out for solid ePTFE facial implant specifics and discover a terrific new set of options for your patients. And don’t forget—Implantech offers solid ePTFE sheeting too! 

Please call our friendly, knowledgeable staff at 800.733.0833 for additional information about these or any of our superior aesthetic products.