Commitment is the Core of our Business

At Implantech, commitment is something that ties every aspect of our business together. In fact, we have it embodied in our Quality Policy that guides our corporate vision.

To us, commitment isn’t just meeting the minimum standards established for our types of products.  Rather, it means a genuine enthusiasm for complying with safety requirements that you and your patients deserve, and then maintaining an effective quality system to ensure every product lives up to those requirements.

Equally vital is our commitment to listening.

Feedback from our valued customers is a big part of what drives our innovations and product improvements. 

  • For instance, adding an array of solid ePTFE facial implants to our catalog.
  • Or creating one easy-to-squeeze Cimeosil® gel that both manages scars and minimizes facial redness from laser procedures.
  • Or offering surgeons an array of body-contouring implants that include smooth and textured options. Recently, we began adding the volume measurement to the box label of each body-contouring implant due to feedback from a customer.

You speak and we listen—it’s our ongoing commitment to you, ensuring you have the best, most effective aesthetic products that you require for your practice.