Get behind superior gluteal implants

Choose from round, natural and anatomical styles

Many patients have a hard time achieving shapely buttocks even with an excellent nutrition and exercise program. 

A healthy, well-toned body doesn’t necessarily equate to curves in all the right places.  In fact, it can actually reduce the very fat needed for a pleasing behind.

While fat transfer alone can augment the buttock’s volume, it has various potential drawbacks. Not only is fat susceptible to being resorbed by the body (possibly unevenly), fat inadvertently injected into the blood stream has caused numerous deaths from pulmonary embolism. Moreover, for patients with little harvestable body fat, fat grafting may not be particularly viable.

That’s why Implantech’s gluteal implants can be such a game changer. By adding volume and shape unattainable in other ways, our solid-silicone implants represent a long-term solution for getting and keeping an aesthetic look, without the disadvantages of fat cited above.

It should be noted that, composite buttock augmentation—a method that involves both implants and fat—has been getting increasing traction as a butt augmentation approach.

In their article in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (December 2019), Alex Aslani, MD, and Daniel A. Del Vecchio, MD, MBA, tout the use of gluteal implants for core volume surrounded by aesthetically placed fat.

According to the authors: “Using a small implant for projection placed intramuscularly provides stable and reliable projection and eliminates the potential risk of pulmonary fat embolism, relying on subcutaneous-only fat to gain transitional fill and hip widening” (p. 1320).

Renowned plastic surgeon Barry Eppley, MD, DMD, notes, “This combines the best of both buttock augmentation methods while decreasing the reliance on either one alone,” which, in turn, reduces the risk of complications from either. Whether used alone or in tandem with fat grafting, Implantech gluteal implants provide high-quality, shapely solutions for your patients. Contact us today for more information.