Male Chest Enhancement
Seizing the Opportunity

Written by Jeff Klinger of Jeff Klinger Medical, representative of Implantech in areas of Los Angeles and Central California

When men enter the world of cosmetic medicine for things like hair restoration and fat reduction, the door is open to discover what else can be done to correct what ails them.

One of the attributes coveted by men is a healthy looking, robust chest. Although such a look is oftentimes unattainable by exercise, diet and lifestyle, surgeons have viable solutions right at their scalpel tips.

To an average male unfamiliar with plastic surgery, the first, most obvious and perhaps only solution is that of gynecomastia surgery for eliminating his “man boobs.” In fact, according to the ASPS, 24,123 such breast reduction procedures were performed in 2019.

However, as evidenced by only 664 pectoral implant procedures in 2019, males undergoing breast reduction may be unaware of other solutions that could potentially be more fulfilling, including:

– Combination gynecomastia-pectoral implant makeover

– Pectoral chest augmentation with immediate gratification and lasting results

In addition to this apparent disconnect between desired chest appearance and knowledge of surgical options, well over a million Google searches focusing on improving the male chest are executed every month. As such, the male market potential for surgical chest enhancement appears to be significant, yet underdeveloped.

This is likely a matter of awareness, or rather a lack thereof. Virtually everyone knows about female breast augmentation, as noted by its 300,000 procedures in 2019. Definitely not so for males.

But by presenting various chest enhancement opportunities on your website, advertising and in-office, you can create the demand. You may even consider advertising the complete package of pectoral etching and implants in one outpatient procedure. Those who are excited by the idea will very likely inquire.

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Accordingly, surgeons may be presented with greater opportunities when it comes to the male’s chest. Because once the patient sees that he can receive pectoral implants—with or without pectoral etching—he can imagine a new, more desirable image of himself for which the surgeon is indispensable.

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PLEASE NOTE: If you haven’t performed pectoral implant surgery or it’s been a while, Implantech offers cadaver lab workshops taught by experts. Surgeons can also access various implant technique videos and surgical guides on Implantech’s Resources webpage. Surgeon access requires just a quick registration.