Our ‘Super Lab’ Implant Course Got a Big Thumbs Up!

Blog picI just have to say our latest implant course was a resounding success!

We called it a “super lab” because, in addition to our daylong cadaver lab for facial implants, we also offered a one-day demo for body-contouring implants.

Expert instructors ensured top-notch guidance and answers every step of the way (thank you Drs. Binder, Eppley, Mofid and Mobley).

On Day One, the faculty covered lower, mid and upper face implants while students worked hands-on with cadavers. Day Two attendees observed a cadaver demonstration of sculpting the body with gluteal, pectoral and calf implants.

Both days included discussions of custom implants along with avoiding and managing complications. A few surgeons came for either the facial or the body portion, but most were there for both days.

So – what did they think of the course?

Judging by their feedback, all attendees considered their time well spent indeed. For example, on a scale of one to four, everybody on Day One rated the following with a four:

  • Relevant lecture content
  • Easy to understand
  • Lab was a useful learning experience
  • Faculty: Knowledgeable, well-prepared, responsive to questions

And written comments included:

“It was the best surgical technique instruction course I have ever taken.”

“Learned a lot in one day – now comfortable performing procedure.”

“Great instructors who profoundly have knowledge above and beyond private or university practice.”

Day Two prompted equally outstanding remarks such as:

Excellent course, great teachers and wonderful educational experience.”

“I learned a lot. The cadaver portion was very valuable.”

“Amazing training.”

Plus, every attendee from both days stated he or she would recommend the course to colleagues!

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