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Goodbye Allied Biomedical – Hello Implantech!

You may be familiar with Allied Biomedical and its silicone products like facial and body-contouring implants along with sheeting and tubing. But you may not know that Allied Biomedical has been a subsidiary of Implantech since 2002. And while we greatly appreciate Allied’s customers and value their patronage, we’ve decided to discontinue Allied’s facial implants […]

Our ‘Super Lab’ Implant Course Got a Big Thumbs Up!

I just have to say our latest implant course was a resounding success! We called it a “super lab” because, in addition to our daylong cadaver lab for facial implants, we also offered a one-day demo for body-contouring implants. Expert instructors ensured top-notch guidance and answers every step of the way (thank you Drs. Binder, […]