Chin Implants Provide Greater Balance for Facial Features

Self-reflection into how others may perceive our appearance is nothing new. There’s little doubt that the desire for a more attractive face drives most of us to care about our looks. Arguably, this has never been more the case than since the arrival of COVID-19.

Forced into an online world, numerous individuals focus on their image in Zoom-type meetings hour after hour, day after day.

Some who don’t like what they see may wince at their ears, jowl areas, the size and shape of their nose or even minor skin wrinkling. However, their laser-like focus could overlook a big part of what’s causing their dissatisfaction.

Take a good look at the chin.

According to the AAFPRS, “The shape of the chin has a remarkable influence on the overall appearance of the face and neck. Improving the shape of the chin can have positive effects on other areas that you might not anticipate.”1

In fact, even rhinoplasty specialists are often first to point out that chin augmentation could be as effective in improving one’s profile as nose reshaping. As patient Jeanine S. put it, “I was surprised when my facial plastic surgeon suggested a chin implant when I went in for a rhinoplasty. I never thought that a weak chin can make your nose appear more prominent.”1

Similarly, consider what New York plastic and rhinoplasty surgeon Robert A. Guida, MD, has to say on his website: “Dr. Guida has steered many women, men, and teens who’ve come to him for rhinoplasty to the much simpler and less expensive chin implant procedure. If he believes your nose looks large only because your chin is weak, he rebalances your face by augmenting your chin only.”2

So oftentimes, it’s all about proportion. If a chin is undersized, not only may the nose look bigger but the jaw line weaker and the face more tired and aged.

Conversely, balance of facial proportions helps to define beauty, attractiveness and the aesthetic appearance of the face. Enter the well-defined chin using solid-silicone implants.

After determining that chin augmentation is the solution, choose an implant size and style that meet the patient’s needs and desires.

When dealing with a receding chin, anterior projection is certainly of prime importance. Generally speaking, the weaker the chin, the greater anterior projection is required. However, that’s only one aspect that is warranted when deciding on a chin implant.

Depending on the patient, lateral projection may also be needed for more aesthetic results. For example, with its thicker lateral wings, Implantech’s Mandibular Pre-Jowl Chin implant not only provides significant anterior projection, but augments pre-jowl depressions as a result of midfacial soft-tissue sag.

Perhaps a male patient would like to have a squarer, more masculine-looking chin. In such a case, one of Implantech’s Terino Square Chin styles may be the right pick. A female patient may want an extended chin style but with less width, making the Conform Extended Anatomical Chin a good call. Or if no width is desired, the Anatomical Chin is likely in order.

In still other situations, notable projection in all three planes (anterior, lateral and vertical) may make the most sense. According to Barry L. Eppley, MD, DMD, “The benefits of increased vertical height in chin augmentation is often overlooked/under diagnosed” and “placing a [standard] horizontal chin implant low on the bone to create vertical lengthening is both unstable and ineffective.”3

The solution? Implantech’s Vertical Lengthening Chin implant that augments down (at a practical 45-degree angle) as well as horizontally and laterally.

With its broad array of styles and sizes, Implantech probably has the right chin implant for your patient. However, if an implant is needed for asymmetric or unique reconstruction purposes, inquire about Implantech’s 3D Accuscan Patient-Specific® Implants.

For help selecting an appropriate chin implant, check out the “Chin Sizing Guide” on’s Resources web page. Also on the Resources page are surgical instructional videos for chin implants. Lastly, you can call Implantech’s friendly customer service specialists (800.733.0833) for information or use the “Contact Us” website tab.


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