Temporal Shell Silicone Implants

The contour of the temporal area is either flat or slightly concave in most people. This contour is controlled by the thickness of the underlying temporalis muscle and fat pad and not by the temporal skull bone.

Thus, if the underlying muscle and fat pad are too thin, more significant concavities or temporal hollowing can occur.

In such cases, augmentation treatment is often sought to minimize the sunken area. This may be accomplished by injecting either synthetic materials or fat. While such an approach can be viable, it often needs to be repeated for maintenance of the augmentative effect. As noted by Barry L. Eppley, MD, DMD, “Fat injections can be unpredictable in terms of volume survival and may have to be done more than once to create a more pronounced and/or more permanent effect.”

An ideal solution for temporal hollowing: Temporal Shell silicone implants

Made of ultrasoft, pliable silicone, the Temporal Shell implant is designed to augment the hollowed areas of excessively concave or sunken temples.

The typical aesthetic boundaries of the temples are comprised of four sides: (1) the anterior temporal hairline, (2) the top part of the zygomatic arch, (3) the lateral wall of the orbit, and (4) a small portion of lateral forehead.

The Standard Temporal Shell’s shape matches these skeletal borders, with an appropriately thicker bottom portion for greater fullness. It provides soft-tissue volume replacement to reestablish youthful convexity between the zygomatic process on up toward the forehead.

For patients who desire volume along the entire side of the forehead, the Extended Temporal Shell enables the most complete temporal augmentation. It provides the necessary volume for an aesthetically pleasing appearance, from the top of the zygomatic arch to the anterior temporal line of the forehead.

Both implant versions feature tapered edges for ideal blending with no palpable margins. Additionally, the Temporal Shell’s radiating lines enable flexibility plus quick and easy customization with surgical scissors.

The benefits of Temporal Shell implants

This long-lasting solution for temporal hollowing includes a number of significant benefits for both patient and clinician:

  • Crafted of very soft, low durometer silicone for flexibility
  • Provides predictable volume and symmetry
  • Mimics soft tissue, unlike bony augmentation
  • Features tapered edges for no palpable margins
  • Easily trimmed with surgical scissors
  • High-quality implant available in Standard and Extended versions

A straightforward implantation procedure

According to Dr. Eppley:

This soft-tissue Temporal Shell implant should be placed under the temporalis fascia on top of the temporalis muscle. This is most easily done through a small vertical incision well back in the temporal hairline.

The subfascial location allows for a safe and quick method of implant placement with good edge camouflage. (NOTE: While the implant can be placed on top of the temporalis fascia in the subcutaneous plane, there are increased risks of implant visibility and potential injury to the frontal branch of the facial nerve.)

Temporal implant augmentation is very straightforward and could even be done under local or sedation anesthesia if done as an isolated procedure. Subfascial pocket dissection is rapid and risks no injury to any blood vessel or nerves. There is very little swelling and usually no bruising after the procedure, and patients report no pain afterwards.